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AB is a Class 8 company operating in the general construction sector.

After decades of growth, AB has become one of Flanders' main general construction companies.

Its commitment to optimising design concepts and providing state-of-the-art technical solutions goes hand in hand with its close cooperation with project owners in executing a wide range of different projects.

AB operates in various construction disciplines:

  • Civil engineering and infrastructure projects
  • Utility buildings for private companies
  • Utility buildings for the public sector
  • Housing
  • Healthcare sector
  • Renovation and restoration
  • Private-public partnerships

The AB organisation is focused on developing three key values: Safety, Quality and the Environment. The company has ISO 9001, VCA** and ISO 14001 certifications.

Steven Van den Heede
Chief Executive Officer
8 M€
122 M€


Quai Napoléon à Anvers
Photo description nl: 
Napoleonkaai in Antwerpen
Photo description en: 
Napoleon Dock in Antwerp
Ecole et logements à Brasschaat
Photo description nl: 
School en woningen in Brasschaat
Photo description en: 
School and housing in Brasschaat
Campus Vesta à Emblem
Photo description nl: 
Campus Vesta in Emblem
Photo description en: 
Vesta campus in Emblem
R4 à Gand
Photo description nl: 
R4 in Gent
Photo description en: 
Road and bridge on the R4 Ghent Ring
Maison communale de Torhout
Photo description nl: 
Stadskantoor in Torhout
Photo description en: 
Torhout Community Centre
Palais des Sports à Anvers
Photo description nl: 
Sportpaleis in Antwerpen
Photo description en: 
Sports Palace in Antwerp
Lignes du RER
Photo description nl: 
Photo description en: 
High speed train in Anderlecht
Gare Centrale d'Anvers
Photo description nl: 
Station Antwerpen-Centraal
Photo description en: 
Antwerp Central Station


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