Liege Guillemins Station

Duchêne played an active role in the construction of this prestigious station, nicknamed the “Guillemins Cathedral” on account of his size and the light flooding in. In the context of the “Liege-Guillemins” consortium, the contractor for Lot II - “modernisation of the rail infrastructures and construction of the passenger terminal and car park” - Duchêne executed the electrification of the railway lines, while Yvan Paque (a company belonging to Eiffage Energie au Benelux) did the signalling work.

Liege-Guillemins Station in figures

Cost: EUR 312 million for the station and car park, EUR 125 million for the associated rail infrastructures.

A cathedral of concrete, glass and steel, as large as a football pitch.

Amount of concrete needed for the structural work: 67,000 m³.

The huge 40 metre-high dome, with its 32,200 m² of glass and 39 arches.

The dimensions of the roof covering the station: 200 metres long, 73 metres wide and with a surface area of 29.000 m².

The roof structure is made of 10,000 tonnes of steel (more than the Eiffel Tower).

Duchêne in consortium (DUCHENE-GALERE-CFE-WUST-FRANKI)
Santiago Galatrava
Project duration: 
January 2001 – October 2009