Liege Palais de Justice

The extensions to the Palais de Justice consist of a total of 5 new buildings in the Rue de Bruxelles, Rue du Fond Saint – Servais and Saint Lambert Square, built for different court activities.

The new buildings have a total surface area of 40,000 m², providing office space for 800 Ministry of Justice officials. There is an underground link between the new buildings and the old Palais des Princes – Evêques. The existing basement areas have been converted, now providing inter alia some 10,000 m² of archive space.

The architecture is simple and the whole complex has a uniform appearance through the shape of the roofs and the way the facades have been done.

A range of work was performed:

  • civil engineering and stabilisation work
  • replacement sites for highway concessionaries 
  • construction in the SNCB area
  • structural and finishing work
  • sanitary facilities
  • electrics and security facilities
  • electro-mechanical facilities
  • HVAC
  • work on the outside amenities, roads and drainage
  • planting work

Some figures:

  • reinforced excavations: 1,645 m²
  • 64 prefabricated beams with a span longer than 20 m
  • Major earthworks covering  6,650 m²
  • Bored pile foundations 320 m
  • Stabilisation under existing buildings 64 m²
Régie des Bâtiments SW2 – Direction Liège
Atelier du Sart-Tilman SC
Project duration: 
September 2005 – December 2011